Worship FAQs and Etiquette

“I am drawn particularly to the services in the historic chapel, with the choir, the pipe organ, and the enlightening and thought provoking sermons. I would invite anyone who has a love for Christ and the desire to see the world changed through His work to visit St. David’s.” – Jesse L.

We are often asked “What should I wear?” and “Can I take Communion?” St. David’s wants you to feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you arrive. Here are some things you might find helpful if you are planning to visit.

What to wear

It’s up to you. Some come dressed in their “Sunday best” while others prefer more casual attire such as jeans and a nice shirt. The same goes for children. We invite you and your family to dress in whatever way you feel is comfortable and appropriate.

Family-friendly worship services

On Sundays, child care is provided in our first floor nursery (ages 2 month to 3 years old); however, all of our services are open to infants and children. Many families enjoy our 9:10 a.m. Sunday service in Bethell Hall. This is a contemporary space with worship geared towards families. We also offer a 9 a.m. Sunday service in our Historic Church which includes a children’s chapel during the sermon. Children process out of the worship space together with a chapel leader and are brought back to the worship space after the sermon.

Taking Communion

Photo by Rick Patrick

Photo by Rick Patrick

All baptized Christians are welcome to take Communion in the Episcopal Church. In the Historic Church, when it is time for you to go forward to the altar rail, an usher will direct your row. Proceed to the altar rail, and take the next available spot. Our custom is to kneel, but standing is fine if you are more comfortable that way. Fold your right hand on top of your left, palms facing up, and receive the wafer (gluten-free wafers are available, just ask for one.) You may immediately eat the wafer or wait and dip it in the wine. To sip the wine from the chalice, guide it to your lips with your hand on the base of the chalice. Receiving just the bread or wine alone is considered full communion. When you are done, you can return to your seat. If you are unable to come to the rail, please let an usher know, and we will bring Communion to you. It is similar in Bethell Hall, although there are no ushers and no altar rail, so those wanting to take Communion or get a blessing gather around the altar when directed by the priest, and bread and wine are distributed. Gluten-free wafers are also available in Bethell Hall.

All baptized children are welcome to receive communion. You or your child are also welcome to a blessing if you would prefer that instead. Simply come to the rail or altar, kneel if you like, and cross your arms over your chest.

Moving about during services

Even life-long Episcopalians will ask, “When is it okay to move about the sanctuary if I need to leave?” Our general rule is that if you can wait until the sequence hymn before the Gospel reading or during the Passing of the Peace, those are the best times. We understand, especially if you have children with you, this may not always be possible. Quietly entering or exiting the sanctuary can also be done when everyone is singing or standing. It’s best to avoid entering or leaving the worship area during prayer so as not to disrupt others.