Membership and Core Values

Over the years parishioners have asked what does it mean to be a member of the parish? And as a member of the parish what am I expected to do? Our rector, Father Chuck Treadwell, has responded to these questions with the Expectations of Parishioners and core values listed below. Each core value is brought to life by the witness of a parishioner who has responded in their own way to show their gratitude to God.

Membership at St. David’s Episcopal Church

Active members are baptized Christians who pray daily, attend worship on most Sundays, continue to mature in all aspects of discipleship, especially by discerning how they can serve the common good, and by contributing to the financial well-being of the church and her ministries.

We expect parishioners to pursue these core values:

Seek and Serve. Actively pursue a relationship with God and God’s people, discerning how God is calling you to learn, serve, pray, worship, and mature as a member of the Body of Christ.

Be Authentic. Bring your full and true self and all your gifts to the work of the Kingdom of God. 

Experience Grace. Receive God’s grace and share God’s grace with others. 

Become Connected and Committed. Become regularly involved in at least a small group, formation, or service ministry. Provide financial support as a regular part of your life at St. David’s. 

Engage Boundaries. Seek God on the margins not just where it is safe. Expect God’s love to pull you to an uncomfortable place so you can grow and help the world grow. 

Share. Let people in your life know you are part of St. David’s by using car stickers, sharing sermons, social media posts, etc. Invite your friends to come to church with you.

Seek and Serve

Doug Bell, St. David’s Parishioner

As a parishioner of St. David’s, I have a mission to seek and find what God wants from me. While He wants me to love and accept one another, He also asks me to find those who feel excluded or discouraged. He asks me to live as Jesus lived, serving all whom he encountered who are facing difficult challenges.  Jesus took care of the poor, the sick, the blind, the widow, and the stranger. Jesus gave us the second greatest commandment which is to Love your Neighbors. Continue reading

Be Authentic

Terri and John Orton,
St. David’s Parishioners

We weren’t born Episcopals, but we got here as fast as we could! We are proud members of St. David’s for three-plus years now. We continue to be impressed by how many people we meet at St. David’s who are life-long Episcopalians, some even life-long members at St. David’s! We come from various church backgrounds ourselves which we are proud of, but none of those felt as perfectly matched to us as St. David’s. Continue reading

Experience Grace

Susan Driver,
St. David’s Parishioner

St. David’s Church is in me … it’s in my brains, my heart, my hands, and my feet. It’s in every part of me. It’s even in my car. When I get in my car on Sunday mornings, I get a message about how long it will take me to drive to St. David’s. My car knows that’s where I go on Sunday mornings.

When I get in my car on Sunday mornings, I get a message about how long it will take me to drive to St. David’s. My car knows that’s where I go on Sunday mornings. 

As wonderful as the Zoom meetings and online streamings have been during the coronavirus outbreak, I miss being at St. David’s. Continue reading

Become Connected and Committed

Art and Sandi Boone,
St. David’s Parishioners

For many years we were a “drop in sometimes” person at our prior church, and that connection was tenuous at best. When we joined St. David’s and were presented with a red folder we could hardly keep the many groups straight, much less decide where we wanted to start connecting. But St. David’s takes welcoming to a new level and we felt connected within a short time. Continue reading

Engage Boundaries

Joy and Ben Philpott
Joy and Ben Philpott,
St. David’s Parishioners
Photo: Lisa Wood Photography

Church can be part of the bubble in which someone lives; from work to home to church one can remain in that circle. Even in a downtown church it is possible to maintain the bubble; at St. David’s the bubble is dissolved.

We were drawn to St. David’s because of the way the church uses its location to engage the boundary with neighbors who are experiencing homelessness. Promises of the baptismal covenant — “to seek and serve Christ in all persons … to strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being” — are inherent to the life of St. David’s. Continue reading


Misty and Eric Malnassy,
St. David’s Parishioners

Misty and I feel so grateful and so blessed to be part of the St. David’s Church community. We were married here in 2004 by the Rev. Todd Fitzgerald, with whom I served on the Young Adults Leadership Team way back in the 90s! Since our wedding, Misty and I have grown on our spiritual journey in many ways in this wonderful parish. As parishioners, we both feel called to share our experiences at St. David’s with others. Continue reading

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