Ramp Build Team

A monthly ministry to build wheelchair ramps for people with disabilities who are economically disadvantaged. This group is part of the Texas Ramp Project, which identifies those needing ramps and provides material funding through a number of business and organizations including the St. David’s Health Foundation.

In Fall 2021 the team will open to new members. No building experience is necessary. People of all ages and genders are welcome. It’s important to note that the date and time of this event can fluctuate due to various reasons (ex: weather delay). Please contact for information.

Photo: Ramp Build Team, 2019

Message from group leader Ray Trono – May 2021

After 14 months in hibernation, the St David’s Ramp Builders awoke and were back at it building a 32’ ramp in southeast Austin. The team lead by Rex Hunt and Chef Ray, included Rick Patrick, Lee Parker, and Matt Lynaugh. Modules for the ramp were constructed at the Texas Ramp warehouse by Tom Bell earlier in the week. 

Since the St. David’s Ramp Builders began working with the Travis County affiliate of the Texas Ramp Project in 2017, we have built over 30 ramps. The Texas Ramp Project is a nonprofit organization that works with various social service agencies to identify those with mobility concerns. Funding comes from several organizations including the St. David’s Foundation and Home Depot. Private donations are also accepted. St. David’s Ramp Builders are one of several teams who work with the Travis County Ramp Project.   

This build was rewarding in so many ways. The fact that we were able to gather, work together outside unmasked to make a difference to a family in need sums up all reasons why this ministry is so important.

There is one more build scheduled for June. We will take July off and then ramp back up with builds beginning in August until the end of the year. Anyone interested in participating or in need of more details including future build dates, please contact Chef Ray at .