Welcome Guests

Welcome to St. David’s Episcopal Church. The first thing we would have you know is that you are welcome in this place! Whether you are visiting from Austin or from out-of-town, new to the Christian faith, or seeking a Church home, we invite you to explore St. David’s. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, we hope that you will accompany us.

We thank you for your interest in St. David’s, and look forward to an opportunity to welcome you personally. Please complete our guest card or email Director of Newcomer Ministry Amy Moehnke to learn more about our community.

Newcomer Events | Event Calendar

  • Classes and Events for Newcomers

    Newcomer Gathering

    Next breakfast will be later in the Fall
    Newcomers to St. David’s are invited to learn more about the church and meet others who are exploring our offerings! 

    Newcomer Classes

    Sept. 12, 19, and 26, 10 a.m., Vestry Conference Room
    This set of classes will give newcomers the chance to meet others who are exploring the church and learn some basics of both St. David’s and the larger Episcopal Church. Week One- Getting to know each other (includes short tour of the building). Registration opens July 30.

Newcomer Classes

We offer a three-week class designed to answer your questions about St. David’s and the Episcopal Church.

Newcomer Recognition

New to St. David’s? We want to recognize anyone who has recently joined the St. David’s community (within the previous six months or so). If you consider yourself a newcomer, and want to have your name and/or picture listed in the e-newsletter and worship bulletins, please make sure Amy Moehnke has your information and photo.

About St. David’s

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About the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church is the American province of the Anglican Communion, a worldwide body of over 70 million Christians who trace their origins to the Church of England. Often, The Episcopal Church is called a “bridge church” between Roman Catholicism and Protestant denominations. This is because much Episcopal theology is Protestant in nature, while much of Episcopal worship, spiritual practice, and church structure resembles Catholicism. As a result, individuals and families from a variety of backgrounds will find in the Episcopal Church a home that honors their own faith tradition while providing a new source of shared nourishment.

St. David’s strives to be a welcoming and diverse community, offering a variety of worship, fellowship, education, and ministry opportunities. Therefore we invite you to join with us as we “seek and serve Christ in all persons.” We’d like to get to know you, too!