Social Justice: Amos Guild

You are welcome to join Amos Guild! Contact  to learn the latest details. The Amos Guild engages St. David’s parishioners in social justice advocacy for all those in our community whose voices go unheard. Join us as we endeavor to answer our baptismal call.

“Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?”

– The Baptismal Covenant
Book of Common Prayer, pg. 305

Our Commitments

We seek to integrate the spiritual gifts and energies of the clergy, the vestry, and all parishioners in fulfilling the commitments expressed in the St. David’s Statements of Interests and Support:

For efforts within St. David’s we commit to:

  • Supporting members of the St. David’s community in finding, keeping and transitioning between jobs in today’s work environment.
  • Supporting, encouraging, and participating in programs that assist in managing the challenges of life, especially raising children, forming strong relationships with partners and caring for aging parents.

For efforts throughout our city we commit to:

  • Collaborating with others in our city to increase accessibility to affordable housing and to address the growing problem of homelessness and people living in poverty.
  • Working in partnership with our community to secure both cost effective health care and resources to respond to the challenging needs of the mentally ill.
  • Joining with other interested parties to secure the availability of quality public education and control soaring college costs.

In Partnership

We work on these issues within St. David’s and with other congregations through St. David’s membership in Austin Interfaith, a non-partisan organization of congregations and other agencies that work together to address public issues impacting our community. See our recent news. Learn more about the Amos Guild and Austin Interfaith’s partnership.