Journey Groups

Fall Journey Groups will take place on Sunday mornings in place of the usual Crail C lecture. Register online, or simply drop in to any group.

Sundays, Sept. 8-Oct. 13
10:15 a.m., Crail C (2nd Floor)

Conspiracy Theories about Jesus, Past and Present
Dr. Brent Landau, Department of Religious Studies, The University of Texas at Austin
Have you ever wondered how much we really know about the historical Jesus? Are there important aspects of his life that the Gospels have left out? For instance, might he have been married? Or traveled to India? Or maybe never even existed at all? If yes, then this Journey Group is for you! We will explore “conspiracy theories” about Jesus, in conjunction with a book that Dr. Landau, a member of St. David’s, is writing on this topic for Oxford University Press.

The Middle Place: Finding Spirituality and Community in the Rush Hour of Life
Anne Claire and Adrian Woods
This group is for people aged 35-55, or thereabouts, to discuss the happenings and challenges that adults in this life-stage frequently face. From careers to family relationships, personal development, parenting, or caring for aging parents, people in this age range typically lead a fast-paced life with competing demands. In this Journey Group we will focus on strategies for slowing down. We will also reflect on the particular demands of this life-stage, with the goal of doing so in community and through a spiritual lens. Topics include: Slowing Down vs. Getting Mindful in Rush Hour, Workism, Sleep/Rest/Healthy Living, Taking Care of Parents, Technology Pros and Cons, and Vulnerability and Emotional Health. We’ll use a variety of modes to inspire conversation including podcasts, articles, videos, and readings.

Reading Scripture Imaginatively
Rebecca Hall
“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.” This quote, attributed to Mark Twain, can guide us in using scripture for discernment and reflection on our daily lives. How do the stories in scripture “rhyme” with our lives? Each week we will engage a passage – maybe a parable, maybe a teaching from Paul – in an imaginative way, with the goal of gaining insight and guidance for living Jesus-shaped lives in the 21st Century. Come ready to read, imagine, discuss, and learn.

Sundays, Sept. 22-Oct. 13
10:15 a.m., Crail C (2nd Floor)
There Is a Balm in Huntsville: Exploring Restorative Justice
The Rev. T. Carlos “Tim” Anderson Book: There is a Balm in Huntsville, by the Rev. T. Carlos “Tim” Anderson

In this Journey Group we will consider the biblical roots of restorative justice and discuss the workings and benefits of the Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD) program. Pastor Anderson’s new book, narrative nonfiction entitled There is a Balm in Huntsville, tells of an inmate’s reformation and the development of the Texas criminal justice system’s VOD program, the first of its kind in the nation. Pastor Anderson’s book and its themes will serve to introduce restorative justice principles to the uninitiated and to deepen understanding of it for the initiated.
Tim Anderson is an ELCA pastor, author, and activist who lives and works in Austin. He directs social ministry efforts for Austin City Lutherans, a non-profit organization that supports a food pantry and an early childhood development center for low-income families. There is a Balm in Huntsville is his second book.