Adult Christian Formation

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St. David’s is a big church with lots to offer. We want to make a place for you in the parish by welcoming you into smaller groups for spiritual development and community building. We also encourage you to take part in retreats and special events which are offered throughout the year. Once you find a place to plant your roots, your spiritual life, formation, and relationships will begin to flourish!

About The Abbey at St. David’s

For people seeking a place to grow spiritually through Christian and other practices, The Abbey at St. David’s is a community in the heart of Austin and online. This is a natural extension of St. David’s role in our city since 1848: building connections in love, hope, joy, and vitality as we serve others. The Abbey is also an online hub for inspiring educational resources that people can access from anywhere. Find an online class, special event, or group to join and stay connected during physical-distancing!

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  • Sr Mary Magdalene Vows

    Read a letter to St. David’s from Sr Mary Magdalene as she made her solemn profession as a Benedictine sister this June.

    Location: Holy Cross Oratory at Conception Abbey in Conception, Missouri

    On Thursday, June 16, I made my solemn profession as a Benedictine sister in the Companions of St. Luke-OSB. This community is recognized as a dispersed Benedictine community as defined by the Canons of the Episcopal Church. CSL is a mixed community consisting of men and women, married, single, and partnered.

    We can be found on the Episcopal Church website under Religious Orders and Christian Communities. People who chose to join our community can choose a Vowed life or an Oblate life. I chose the Vowed life which consisted of a total of 6 years of formation, 1 year Postulancy, 2 years Novitiate, and 3 years of Annual Vows that required a final project as an expression of my call to religious life.

    The program of formation is quite vigorous and challenging, yet at the same time beautiful and life-changing. The Vowed life calls members to pray the four-fold daily office, daily private prayer (Lectio Divina), as well as continual formation after making solemn profession.

    Our call as a community to the greater church and the world is through our Charism; “Our commitment to the CSL’s contemplative form of religious life is complemented by our individual ministries that help to heal a wounded world, while respecting the dignity and rights of others and fulfilling our monastic vows of stability, obedience, and conversatio morum suorum (fidelity to the monastic life). We pledge to prefer nothing whatever to Christ.

    I want to thank everyone at St. David’s who has supported me on this lifelong journey.