Annual Day of Service

St. David’s 8th Annual Day of Service has been rescheduled, new date TBD

You can expect more info as the new date approaches. Until then, enjoy the recap (below) of last year’s event!

St. David’s 7th Annual Day of Service  – It’s Our Turn!

The Day of Service was envisioned as a way for us to get out into the community and give back in a variety of service projects, but just for this year, in keeping with our very successful capital campaign theme, “It’s Our Turn,” we gathered on April 6, 2019 to complete service projects both at the Next-to-New store and around the St. David’s campus. We began our day with breakfast tacos and prayer led by Father Chuck in Sumners Hall.

Though the day was rainy the mood was joyous. Our coordinator for The Day of Service, Alison Riemersma, organized the volunteers into groups with project leaders to work all around the building.

1. Day School Landscaping

Volunteers spread 6,100 pounds of jellybean rubber mulch, moved heavy planters from the labyrinth, weeded the big planter and another bed, filled the beds with dirt where the Day School students could plant seeds. This project required strong arms and a willingness to work through the rain.

2. Labyrinth Planting and Tile Washing

This crew weeded, planted new flowers in the labyrinth gardens, removed a tree, and you guessed it, washed the actual labyrinth tiles with a soap that was safe for the lovely moss that has grown between them. If you look down at the labyrinth from the second-floor windows, you will see that the tiles are no longer blackened by street dust so it is easier to tell the path of the labyrinth. Our littlest volunteers had a blast getting soapy during this project while our tireless volunteer gardeners worked their magic.

3. Library Reorganization

Volunteers re-categorized and organized the books and shelves in the library. About 20 boxes of books were donated to Settlement Home.

4. Youth Room Reorganization

Jenny Campbell led the youth and a big group of volunteers in cleaning and reorganizing the youth room(s) and installing new shelving.

5. Program Closet Reorganization

The many generations of “stuff” in the program closet near the staff offices on the second floor were organized by volunteers on newly repaired shelving.

6. Next-to-New – 12-15 volunteers

Volunteers went directly to Next to New for breakfast tacos and coffee. Volunteer Coordinator Ulrike Miller organized teams dusting, sorting, painting, and generally taking care of our favorite consignment shop!

6. BBQ Party with the Spring Chickens

After the work was done we reassembled in Sumners Hall for lunch served by the Vestry and enjoyed the fine company of our St. David’s friends and rollicking music by the Spring Chickens.

By the end of the 2019 Day of Service 75 volunteers had moved 6,100 pounds of mulch, donated 20 boxes of books, recycled 20 boxes of shredding, and 3 cubic yards of electronics.  Thank you to Alison Riemersma and all of our project leaders. It was a wonderful day.