Communion Groups

Better Together, Safer Apart

Small groups (of nine people or fewer) meet to pray together and receive communion. They meet outside, with masks on, and physically distant. One person serves as the host. A Eucharistic Visitor or priest will be assigned to gatherings to provide the wafers and brief liturgy.  We will provide topics to discuss in the initial meetings, along with prayer resources. 

To join or host a communion group:

  1. Click the button below to join or host a communion group.
  2. Click “Request Info” link in Communion Group Interest box.
  3. Type “JOIN” in the comment box with your ZIP code and we will find a group in your area that works for you. Or Type “HOST” and include your location, along with any names and contact information of people who would like to be in your group.
  4. Click “Send Request” and a group leader will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Host do?

Contact and coordinate with the group as to when and where to gather.  It can be a yard, a public park. 

Communicate the details, including who is attending, through the Communion Group Interest form. A Eucharistic Visitor or Priest will be assigned. 

Provide a table and large plate or tray on which to place the wafers. Each attendee will need to provide their own chair if they want one. 

The groups should meet weekly or every two weeks, as the group desires.

Can I switch groups?

Yes, but we would like to keep that to a minimum.

Can existing groups form groups?

Yes, but think it through. Also, the host of the communion group should be a different person than the leader of the existing group.

Will a group always get the same Eucharistic Visitor or Priest? 

No, it will be a rotation between groups so clergy can see as many people as possible. 

Will groups be provided wine and wafers? 

Initially we will only provide wafers. The issues around sharing wine will need to be worked out as we go on.

Will the wafers we receive be safe? 

We will follow all precautions during the liturgy at which wafers are consecrated. They will then be bagged up and allowed to sit for a few days to further ensure no contamination. At the service the wafers will be poured onto the waiting plate and each person will touch only the one they are receiving. 

Will this be the only way to receive communion? 

Yes, initially. At some point we will also begin to schedule small Eucharists in the labyrinth or parking lot for registered people to attend. 

Are there specific times we need to meet? 

We ask that you meet weekly or every two weeks. The day and time are up to the group. Please do not meet at 9 a.m. on Sundays when the parish gathers for online worship