Adult Classes

St. David’s has a history of rich formation offerings. Part of this legacy is the diversity of our programs. Everyone is welcome to join at any time. Registration details are below.

Sunday Lectures

  • Sunday Morning Lectures Offered seasonally in Crail Hall and online.


10 a.m. Crail C and Zoom

Join Father Chuck for a conversation with the Rt. Rev. Andy Doyle and learn about what is going on in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

Bishop Andy Doyle, the ninth and current Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, will celebrate and preach at the 11:15 a.m. services and will confirm and receive those youth and adults who have completed the preparatory class.


10 a.m. Crail C and Zoom

This three-part miniseries will explore the science of spirituality, looking specifically at quantum physics, neuroscience, and Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.

May 1 – The Second Creation: Musings on Spirituality and Quantum Physics

The Rev. Santi Rodriguez

Quantum Physics is more than physics: it is a new form of mysticism, which suggests the interconnectedness of all things. Join Father Santi Rodriguez to explore the connection between spirituality and quantum.

May 22 – The Neuroscience of Trust 

Gena St. David, Ph.D., LPC-S, LMFT-S

Dr. Gena St. David will explore how brain science is helping us understand how trust functions in our body and nervous system. In this session, we will explore questions of trust between us and God, and between one another. And how might embodied trust help us better engage the pressing concerns of our day — racism, poverty, and climate collapse?

June 5 – Moving from Fear to Love: Maps for the Journey

Patty Speier, DMin

Ilia Delio, a theologian and Franciscan Sister defines a miracle as anytime we move out of fear and into love. Moving from fear to love brings us closer to realizing the Kingdom of God. Mystics of all faith traditions have provided a map for this spiritual journey. In this class we will look at how this mystical map is mirrored in the work of economist Otto Scharmer and his map (Theory U) of how we can bring about meaningful change. Together we will explore how we might use these maps to move to a more awakened level of awareness that facilitates healing, reconciliation, and love.



This workshop, 2-5 p.m. in the Vestry Room, led by Sr. Mary Magdalene, will have the recovery community as its primary audience.

Participants will be introduced to two practices of praying scripture: Lectio Divina (Benedictine – both scholastic and monastic styles) and Imaginative Reading (Ignatian). The second practice will take various stories in the bible and ask participants to imagine they are in the story.

A 5 p.m. in Grace Chapel the Rev. Dr. Carol Petty will lead a Holy Eucharist for the recovery community.

Ongoing Groups

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 6:30 p.m. Vestry Room A study of the parables of Jesus taking into account their original context and what they mean for today.

Sunday Morning Mediation – 8:30-8:55 am. Join us for a 20-minute sit at church before the 9 a.m. service (also on Zoom). Please email and leader Gustavo Hernandez will send you further information.

Men’s Bible Study – Sundays, 10 a.m. Library and Zoom. Come laugh with us and make new friends as we work our way through scripture. No preparation or experience necessary. REGISTER FOR LINKS or

The Middle Place – Sundays, 10 a.m. This group is for people aged 35-55, or thereabouts, to discuss the happenings, celebrations, and challenges that adults in this life stage frequently face. People in this age range typically lead a fast-paced life with competing demands from careers to family relationships, personal development, parenting, or caring for aging parents. Contact

Education for Ministry – EfM is a 4-year course of study consisting of weekly seminars over the 9-month academic year. Classes offered Sept-May, registration opens Summer 2021.

See more events on the full calendar.

About The Abbey at St. David’s

For people seeking a place to grow spiritually through Christian and other practices, The Abbey at St. David’s is a community in the heart of Austin and online. This is a natural extension of St. David’s role in our city since 1848: building connections in love, hope, joy, and vitality as we serve others. The Abbey is also an online hub for inspiring educational resources that people can access from anywhere.

Groups and Classes

  • Spiritual Exercises Group: This Thursday evening group is led by a spiritual director who found The Abbey through the Enneagram classes.
  • Book Groups and Classes: These groups meet seasonaly and have discussed works including, Reflecting on the Mystics and the works of Julian of Norwich. 
  • Tuesday Morning Meditation:  This group meditates before work once a week and then discusses the practice of meditation. 
  • Enneagram Classes:  Caroline Kibler led these classes in 2021. Most participants at Enneagram classes are not from St. David’s. Some even come to us from other cities and states. Classes hope to resume in 2022.   
  • Sunday Morning Mediation & Monday Check-in: Gustavo Hernandez has a loyal group that meditates before the service on Sundays and has a monthly check-in one Monday after work.   
  • Laybrinth Walks:  Janet Davis leads monthly, in-person labyrinth walks using the labyrinth at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Most current participants are from St. David’s. Our hope is that, after the pandemic, these will become a place to bring non-St. David’s people to mix with The Abbey. 
  • Podcasts: We have a new podcast called Inside the Abbey. The first episodes were hosted by Santi Rodriguez and Rebecca Hall. Future episodes will be hosted by any Abbey member who would like to host.  Lynda Young Kaffie and Gus Hernandez launched a new series of podcasts called Reflective Spaces. They select a poem and reflect on it in each podcast.   
  • Resources:  Abbey members publish resources on our website for fellow spiritual practitioners.  We currently have resources on Sabbath, Contemplation, Rule of Life, and labyrinth-walking.  
  • Begining a Contemplative Practice Resources and support for creating your own practice.