In the Episcopal tradition, a person may be baptized at any age. Parents who bring their young children to be baptized make an additional commitment to raise these children in the Christian faith. For infants and children, it is required that at least one parent be an active member of St. David’s. We welcome Adult baptism too for St. David’s members.

On baptismal Sundays, we offer baptism during any of our regularly scheduled worship services, so that individuals or families may choose the service they attend most often.

2019 Baptismal Sundays
January 13
February 24
April 20 (Saturday night Easter Vigil)
June 9
September 15
October 13
November 3

A 10 a.m. baptismal rehearsal is scheduled for each baptism on the Saturday before. Consistent with the ancient tradition, it is required that every baptismal candidate have a godparent (for children) or a sponsor (for adults).  Godparents and sponsors are typically present at the time of the baptism and serve as a Christian friend and mentor throughout life. Godparents and sponsors must be baptized Christians. We additionally recommend that you select someone who is active in their faith community, and with whom you can anticipate a long-term relationship.  One to four godparents or sponsors per candidate is appropriate.

If you are interested in baptism, please fill out one of the following forms and return it to Katie Wright. You can also contact Katie Wright with questions or for more details.

Adult Baptism Form
Child Baptism Form