Bethell Hall Choir-Style Seating


As you enter the Bethell Hall for Advent on Sunday, Nov. 27, you will notice several changes in our worship space. From the color of the season (blue for Advent), the arrangement of the space and the addition of the advent wreath, which will help us count down the weeks until Christmas day.  

Advent is a new season of the church marking the start of a new church year and a season where we are preparing our hearts and minds to receive the Christ child into our lives. The season invites us into hopeful anticipation as we welcome the incarnation. 

To mark this new season, the space will be oriented in what the church has traditionally called choir style seating. This helps highlight different aspects of the season and the importance of our church community as a whole. It will invoke new feelings within us and stir us to look at not only ourselves in a new light but also those with whom we worship. Worshiping in Bethell Hall has given us the unique opportunity to explore how our worship space and its orientation can help enhance our experience within a particular season of the year.  Advent is a perfect time to do this as it allows us to explore this within a set time period of four weeks.  

– The Rev. Angela Cortiñas
Associate Rector

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