Exploring Islam: Ethics in Islam

Ethics in Islam 

Sundays, Oct. 16, 10-11 a.m., Crail C and Zoom

Dr. Hina Azam, from the University of Texas, will provide an overview on ethics in Islam and the textual sources on which it is constructed. Topics to be covered include: What are the central moral and ethical principles of Islam? What does Islam say, if anything, about topics like abortion, poverty, sustainability, economy, gender, warfare, and other religions? Are Islamic ethics compatible with liberal democracy, as envisioned in the U.S. Constitution, or do they require Muslims to establish a theocracy? 

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Dr. Hina Azam is Associate Professor of Islamic Studies in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at UT-Austin. Her research interests are in women and gender in Islam, Islamic law and ethics, the teaching of Islamic Studies, and Islam in America. She teaches a wide range of courses in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and serves as the Graduate Advisor for the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at UT. Outside of teaching and research, she is very interested in the interdependency between democracy sustenance, human rights and civil society. She is on the Steering Committee for the Jefferson Center in Core Texts and Ideas, through which she organizes Sustaining Democracy, a reading and discussion group for students here at UT Austin. Her book, Sexual Violation in Islamic Law, won the 2016 American Historical Association award for pre-modern history. In 2019, UT’s Alcalde named Dr. Azam as one of the TexasTen, and in 2021, she was given honorable mention by the international Middle Eastern Studies Association for excellence in undergraduate teaching. 

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