Building Committee Report

March 2, 2022

Since our report to the Annual Parish Meeting in January, the building committee has received more-detailed scheduling guidance from our architect, Ford Powell Carson (FPC), and contractor, SpawGlass. They have offered a new timeline for the building-permit process. In short, instead of a May 2022 start to construction, we are looking at a window of June 5 to August 16 for a construction start date.

Our construction drawings from FPC were completed to the 95% stage last week. These are now being submitted to the City of Austin for building permitting and to the COA Landmark Commission and the Texas Historical Commission for their approval. The city’s process takes nine weeks or longer (four to six additional weeks) as we may be required to re-submit the permit application to respond to subsequent questions from the city. Once the building permit is issued, SpawGlass will get final bids and execute contracts with their subcontractors (also four to six weeks). Finally, we will amend our SpawGlass (SG) contract to include their guaranteed maximum price, and construction can begin. SG estimates the project will take nine months to complete.

The Bethell Hall floor refinishing will now be done by the church to allow more flexibility so the work can be completed before moving worship services from the Historic Church to Bethell. This will also remove the SG supervisory costs. Replacement of the Bethell windows will be done from outside, on weekdays, with very little work required on the interior. This will allow Sunday services in Bethell to continue as the fogged glass is gradually replaced.

The latest price estimate from SG is about $500,000 higher than the last. The change is partially due to items inadvertently omitted from previous estimates (electrical and lighting equipment, scaffolding, additional steel beams, weather-delay contingency). Some items went down, some went up, so it’s difficult to zero-in on the “why.” Part of the increase can be ameliorated by reducing the contractor’s contingency amount, a solution approved by both FPC and SG.

We are considering strategies to lessen the impact from current world situations (war, supply chain issues, inflation). Once the completed design is approved by the church, SG and their subcontractors can begin pre-ordering components that are most susceptible to price increases (lighting fixtures, audiovisual equipment, mechanical equipment).

For additional information, contact Eric Leibrock, building committee chair,  

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