Malawi Storm Relief and Pilgrim Support Needed

Our brothers and sisters in Southern Malawi could use our help. We hope to quickly raise around $50,000 for storm relief efforts and to support a group of pilgrims who will visit Austin in a few months.

Storm ReliefLate January 2022, tropical storm Ana made landfall, bringing heavy rains, high winds, and widespread flooding to Madagascar, Mozambique, and Southern Malawi, Warm Heart International reported. Bridges and roads have been severely damaged, cutting off areas of Chikwawa, including the village of Mindanti where the medical clinic is located. Warm Heart International has been in regular contact with the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi (ADSM). Funds will go towards establishing clinic operations and providing outpatient services for flood-related disease and related health problems at the Mindanti medical clinic. There is also a need to fund seeds and fertilizer to replant crops lost, maize and beans for situations where government funding has been inadequate, materials needed in damaged homes, and transportation of materials to flood-damaged areas. 

Pilgrim SupportIn May 2022, a group of pilgrims from Malawi will come to Austin to experience our life here in Texas. Our goal is to have pilgrims live and participate in our community as our pilgrims have done when going to Malawi, most recently in 2019. We need financial support, hosts to provide homes for our friends while they are in Austin, help planning this 2022 pilgrimage to the U.S., and most importantly your prayers. If you have questions, or if this is something you would like to be a part of, email Linda Gebhard ().
Donations to the storm relief or 2022 pilgrimage efforts can be done online on the St. David’s website or at the kiosk in the church lobby. Select Warm Heart and note ‘storm’ or ‘pilgrimage’ in the memo.

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