Britton Gregory

Britton Gregory
2021 Vestry Member

There’s so much…where do I start? There’s formation, the communities that I’ve had the privilege to be a part of through young adults ministry and — now that I’m a little older — the Middle Place. I’ve made so many friends, learned so much.  

There’s the fellowship my children have had through St. David’s youth. My children would be the last to call themselves religious…but they were made welcome anyway. We even got to play a Narnia-themed Dungeons and Dragons game together at a youth lock-in! Not every church is so nerd-friendly! 

There’s the fact that when the pandemic hit, St. David’s rapidly made the transition to a virtual service, which not only allowed me to continue to worship from home, but also from Houston or anywhere else I went!  

But as I thought about all those things, I realize — I’ve been a member of Saint David’s for 15+ years now, as a young adult, as a parent, as an older adult, whether in-person or staying at home, and as a nerd — and at every turn, St. David’s met me where I am, in ways as grand as our building and as intimate as dungeons and dragons at a youth lock-in. So, the question isn’t “why do I give?” — the question is, “how could I not?” 

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