Urgent Technology Request to Prepare for Hybrid Small Group Meetings

We are asking all parishioners to consider making a one-time gift to fund a Ministry Zoom Room to ensure everyone has access to fully participate in small group Christian formation and gatherings.

As the ministries and groups of St. David’s begin to meet this fall, it has become obvious that the pandemic is very much still part of our lives and effecting how we do ministry. While we have learned how to have virtual services and large scale formation, we have not been able to gather small groups together in a meaningful way. We know all parishioners need the flexibility of deciding how to attend a church gathering. Currently the church does not have the capability to have a hybrid gatherings, meaning participants are both online and in person.

In order to allow everyone to participate in small group Christian formation and gatherings, St. David’s will launch an initiative to facilitate hybrid gatherings. The primary room where this hybrid system will be located is in the Vestry Room. However, the system can be moved to other rooms as needed, for example the Library, Crail Rooms, and Guild Parlor. The equipment needed includes a 84” Smart TV, a small computer to run the software, microphone stations with a microphone and built-in speaker, and a processor to control the stations. We will order ten (10) microphone stations, one station for every two people. This system allows everyone both virtually and in-person to hear what is being said and to speak to everyone clearly.

This system can be used for Bible study, formation, and other meetings and groups that may have both in-person and virtual attendees. While we wait for the day when many of us can be in-person for meetings, groups, and classes, the need for this hybrid system will be needed long after COVID ends. The system will allow folks who are out of town, cannot attend due to traffic, or who want to attend in their pajama bottoms(!) to fully participate and hear and be heard effectively.

Unfortunately, these systems are expensive but they are easy to use and provide high quality picture and sound for all participants. If needed, we can even purchase more microphone stations as needed.

Your financial gift to help fund this equipment will allow the St. David’s community to continue to participate together no matter where they may be.

Please consider a making a one-time gift today of $25, $50, $75, or more. If we all come together we can purchase the needed technology to ensure we all have access to small group Christian formation and gatherings. Donate via check or online (please put ‘zoom room’ in the memo).

For questions please contact April Kerwin at 512-610-3500 or . Thank you!

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