Update from the Rector

The Rev. Dr. Chuck Treadwell

Dear Friends in Christ,
As infection rates decline in Austin, and more and more people are getting vaccinated, we are all excited about the prospect of reopening. No one is more excited about coming back to church than your clergy and parish staff! Here are some updates to keep you informed about our process.

The Building
First, we are still dealing with the extensive damage from the winter storm. At the time of this writing, the building is still without air conditioning. There are portable AC units in each classroom in the day school. The rest of the building is hot! The broken line that provides water to the AC chiller runs under the labyrinth. The last couple of weeks has found our building staff carefully mapping and removing the portions that have to come up for repair. Once that is done, an AC company will come replace the lines to the chiller. Then we will have professionals reinstall what had to be removed. We hope that the AC will be repaired by the end of next week. Reinstalling the portion of the labyrinth, wall, and fountain that had to be removed will take a good bit longer.

Outdoor In-person Worship
Currently Austin is in Stage 3. It is likely that by mid-month we will be in Stage 2. As we get closer to Stage 2 we are making plans to offer in-person worship on the surface parking lot. The tentative date for our first service will be Sunday, May 2, at 5 p.m. Registration will be required, and capacity will be limited. In the weeks that follow, we will add more services in response to demand. We will continue to offer the pre-recorded service on Sundays at 9 a.m. More information will follow about how this will work.

Indoor In-person Worship
As infection rates continue to drop through Stage 2, we will plan for in-person worship in both the Historic Church and Bethell Hall, masked and with social distancing protocols. It is our hope that we can do this by late May or early June. We will continue offering pre-recorded online worship, until we can offer a normal service in Historic without attendance limitations. Then, we will begin broadcasting live on Sunday mornings.

Meetings at Church
As we move into Stage 2, we will allow meetings to resume at St. David’s. This will be done with COVID protocols and in a limited number of rooms. Learn more about St. David’s Risk-Based Guidelines.

Thank you so much for your ongoing encouragement and support. God’s grace, your fidelity, and your discipline are what have kept us safe and whole throughout this pandemic.

Fr. Chuck

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