Racial Healing Circles through Beloved Community

Sundays, Jan. 17 – April 18 (no meetings for Spring Break and Easter), 2-4 p.m.

This offering consists of two integral parts: 1) three sessions devoted to building the trust among participants that is important for sustaining discussions on difficult topics, conducted in a safe, loving Christian environment, in which everyone will have opportunities to share personal experiences about racial issues they may have experienced; followed by 2) nine sessions examining the history and consequences for Native Americans, African Americans, Latino Americans, and Asian Americans, of the dominance of Americans of European descent during the discovery, settlement, and development of the U. S., even up to the present time. A policy of avoiding present-day U. S. politics in group discussions has proven to be sound. Each dialog circle will consist of 10-12 individuals. Multiple topics will be discussed, by groups of two, four, or the entire dialog circle, depending on the subjects to be addressed. A maximum of two dialog circles can be accommodated, so space may be limited.

Leaders: Doug Bell and Pete Rose lead the St. David’s Beloved Community team. Dialog circles will be led by trained facilitators (not necessarily Doug or Pete).

Weekly Homework: About two hours of preparation weekly, consisting of one video (about one hour), and selected readings, provided in the Sacred Ground curriculum (accessed individually by link). Participants will also be given two books for ongoing reference during the course.

ENDORSEMENTS: The first offering of this course (Fall, 2020) met with widespread enthusiasm [see comments below by long-time St. David’s member Janet Sawyer]:

“I signed up for the class hoping to learn ways to promote racial connections and make St. David’s and me a part of this change. What a shock! I found that so much that I thought I knew and stood for was filled with great ignorance. The readings, films, and conversations with all participants brought a new sense of purpose and a determination to learn more and help others share in what I have gained. Take this class! It will change your life!”

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