December Outreach | Simple Gifts & Holiday Assistance Program

Foundation Communities’ Holiday Assistance program

Foundation Communities Donation Items, Spring 2020

Since 1990, Foundation Communities has been providing affordable, rent-controlled homes and support services for thousands of low-income families and individuals, empowering them with the tools they need to succeed. For their holiday assistance this year, Foundation Communities is seeking monetary donations rather than physical gifts. These funds would help their clients with expenses such as rent and groceries while also providing extra for gifts. Our starting goal is $2,500, which would be enough to cover 5 families total. Additional funds help even more families! Can you help?

Simple Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift? Consider giving a Simple Gift for local charities to your coworkers, friends, or family! To donate, click “Register Now” in the field below:

This Year’s Charitable Partners:

Trinity Center’s Operations Coordinator Christian Rodriguez
with personal care donations, Summer 2020

Trinity Center serves the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Austin. Trinity operates a day-time community center in the basement of the church. We offer meals, limited financial assistance, case management and many other services. Not less important, we meet people with compassionate hearts and non-judgmental minds.

“Tom’s Well” (named for parishioner Tom Gebhard) drilled with funds from Warm Heart International in 2019.

Warm Heart International, Inc. is a non-profit organization bringing fresh water, orphan care, educational scholarships and pilgrimages to people in developing communities worldwide. Simple Gifts contributions will also support sustainable feeding programs.

The Dewey Winburne Fund is parishioners helping other parishioners. Supported by donations from St. David’s members, funds are distributed by the clergy to our parishioners, as extraordinary needs arise.

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