Environmental Guild Harvesting “Holy Honey”

Update: We have sold out of Holy Honey. Look for news of our next batch! On the Curbside Menu.

Coming soon to Café Divine Curbside – bottled sunshine! It’s honey from Barking Dog Ranch in Lockhart, home to the beehives sponsored by St David’s Environmental Guild. The bees have been sipping nectar all summer long, from wildflowers on the 30-acre Wildlife Management Area owned by parishioners Bob and Denise Riendeau, and now you get to enjoy the delicious results of all their labor!

St. David's Holy Honey

We have a total of 40 two-ounce jars for sale, at $6 each, starting Monday, Oct. 19, on the Café Divine Curbside website. Place your order early, while supplies last!

The Environmental Guild is thankful for the generosity of Bob and Denise … for the expertise of our new beekeeper Becky Johnson … for the sales help of Café Divine … and for everyone who helped bring this first batch of Holy Honey home to St. David’s in time for Harvest Sunday!

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