10/18/20 – Liturgy of the Word


Our broadcast will begin at 9 a.m. on Sunday.
Please refresh your browser and click the video at that time. There will be a 2-minute countdown and announcement slides before the service.

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  1. St. David's says:

    Good morning and welcome to St. David’s if you are a newcomer!

  2. St. David's says:

    If you are joining us from the Facebook page just click the video above and the service will continue. Please feel free to comment here as you did on Facebook.

  3. St. David's says:

    The Rev. Katie Wright will lead a discussion about the prophet Amos at 10 a.m. today in Exploring the Prophets. Learn more at The Abbey at St. David’s: https://theabbey.us/

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    St. David’s: https://www.stdave.org/

  4. Marianne W. Kim says:

    Bravo, Rev. Chad:
    Again, I was very impressed by your sermon, and by the way you relate ancient times with current realities. As a man of the Episcopal Church, you were very specific, quite courageous! Thank you for that!
    I get emails from friends in Germany with news paper excerpts about the spectacle of the American election battle. These friends are intelligent church going people. They are perplexed about the role that the multiple churches/confessions play in this, while the president robes himself as a fake Christian.
    You can see, how far the American situation reaches around the globe, and how former allies hope for a truly normal USA.
    Thank you, I hope I haven’t gone too far in my comment.

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