Join the Discipleship Challenge

Sept. 27-Oct. 25

St. David’s is committed to being a place that helps people grow into followers of Jesus, otherwise known as disciples. To encourage people to participate in the on-going work of discipleship, the church has developed The Discipleship Challenge, a month-long program based around fun and engaging activities that help us strengthen our discipleship muscles so that we can develop into more faithful disciples of Jesus.

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3 Responses to Join the Discipleship Challenge

  1. Jennifer Scariano says:

    I’d like to sign up. Thanks!

  2. St. David's says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Wonderful! We have signed you up for the challenge. Feel free to click the button link to see visit the Discipleship Challenge webpage where you can see each week’s challenges as they are unlocked on Sundays. We will also send them to your email inbox each week.

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