Misty and Eric Malnassy,
St. David’s Parishioners

Misty and I feel so grateful and so blessed to be part of the St. David’s Church community. We were married here in 2004 by the Rev. Todd Fitzgerald, with whom I served on the Young Adults Leadership Team way back in the 90s! Since our wedding, Misty and I have grown on our spiritual journey in many ways in this wonderful parish. This has taken various forms – from serving as ushers, to volunteering with Bridge Builders, to decorating and wrapping gifts for our Trinity Center neighbors’ annual Christmas Party.

As parishioners, we both feel called to share our experiences at St. David’s with others. There are lots of fun ways we do this. Misty is the social media maven in our household. She enjoys sending Facebook posts to family and friends about events and happenings at church. Last year, we took “Flat St. David” on our summer travels (back in the pre-COVID days when folks did that sort of thing). She took pictures of him at our various stops and posted them. On one of those trips, we visited Johnson Space Center for the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Folks there asked us about why we were taking the photo, and we were able to tell them all about St. David’s. I’ve also sent links for online worship and for The Abbey to my family. So now we have visitors from Southeast Texas and Louisiana joining our Sunday worship and exploring new ways to engage in spiritual living!

Other everyday ways we share is by displaying stickers on our cars, inviting friends to church, and just being willing and open to talking about our experiences. Misty and I love St. David’s, and are so thankful for all the gifts we’ve received here. One way we manifest that gratitude is through sharing. We invite and encourage everyone in the parish community to share their experiences as well. It’s a great way to spread the Good News, and to shine our light from a hilltop in Austin out into God’s world!

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