Become Connected and Committed

Sandi and Art Boone,
St. David’s Parishioners

For many years we were a “drop in sometimes” person at our prior church, and that connection was tenuous at best. When we joined St. David’s and were presented with a red folder we could hardly keep the many groups straight, much less decide where we wanted to start connecting. But St. David’s takes welcoming to a new level.

We all know the difference between walking into a room of people you barely know, and walking into a gathering of friends. The difference is connection. It was when we finally made the effort to show up regularly that our connections built quickly and life at St. David’s became more meaningful.

As part of our life at St. David’s, we make an annual financial commitment. This commitment is an integral part of being a member of St. David’s for us. Supporting St. David’s ministries is a joyful statement of our faith. We are mindful that dedicating 10% of our income to God’s work is the historical Judeo-Christian guideline, and while we also support the work of other worthwhile organizations, we know that St. David’s changes and strengthens hearts, which is a necessary first step to all good works.

While we have many ministries we love at St. David’s, Art’s most cherished endeavor is building ramps for those in need with the ramp build team. Art’s back is usually sore but luckily he still has all his fingers after the ramp builds are completed. Art always looks forward to these monthly events because he knows his heart will be enriched. He particularly enjoys building ramps for people who need to simply get in and out of their homes. The ramp build teams are helping those outside our parish in a way that is immediate and tangible. This group activity embodies the power of group strength and spirit in a way none of us could do alone. Members regularly invite friends from outside St. David’s to work alongside us, so Art gets to deepen his relationship with those on the ramp build team, meet new people, and literally embody God’s love.

Sandi is the current chair of the Stewardship Committee and every day she gives thanks for the generous spirit of so many members, and the responsible financial management and long-term planning of our professional and lay leaders.

Our connections at St. David’s have led to friendships and support and still lead to rewarding experiences and shared insight. We will always be glancing at name tags, as we struggle with remembering names, but being with the men’s and women’s group, movie group, and even showing up to a committee meeting, is a joyful experience.

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