7/12/20 – Liturgy of the Word


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2 Responses to 7/12/20 – Liturgy of the Word

  1. Thank you Chuck for all you are doing for us. Thanks, too, for your excellent sermons.
    I love my church, even on line.

  2. Tori Hill says:

    Thank you so much for providing this service. It was just what I needed. The music, messages, prayers, and setting were perfect.
    I have really missed being there with all of you.
    Brought tears to my eyes, of melancholy & happiness, knowing that we will all be together in the future after this terrible pandemic era of disease and social injustice gets under better control and understanding, and hopefully a vaccine in the near future, for both issues.
    Peace for all of us, our planet, the world, for respect, kindness, and compassion to bloom and multiply, like Chris and Chuck’s garden!

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