Seek and Serve

Published 6/11/2020

Doug Bell

As a parishioner of St. David’s, I have a mission to seek and find what God wants from me. While He wants me to love and accept one another, He also asks me to find those who feel excluded or discouraged. He asks me to live as Jesus lived, serving all whom he encountered who are facing difficult challenges.  

Jesus took care of the poor, the sick, the blind, the widow, and the stranger. Jesus gave us the second greatest commandment which is to Love your Neighbors.

Over the decades our parishioners have stepped up to this challenge in many ways. In 1924 St. David’s opened a medical clinic that became St. David’s Hospital. In the1960s St. David’s decided to stay in downtown – as the light on the hill – leading God’s kingdom however we could. 

I have witnessed when the society around us changed we changed as well. We met our homeless neighbors and gave them love, respect, and hospitality. Now we provide social workers to help them solve their desperate problems of hunger and shelter. As a part of that effort, we invite them in for breakfast on Sunday mornings, and worship with them on Sunday afternoons.

When our society changes, we have changed too. When the LGBTQ community entered mainstream society, we did not condemn our brothers and sisters. We accepted them as full members of our congregation. and honored them in their walk with Jesus. 

When one of us falls down the others pick them up. When someone needs help, we are there reaching out to that person. We strive to be humble and admit our mistakes. We are neither a social club seeking recognition and praise. Nor are we perfect. Thus, as we accept each other with respect and love, all people are welcomed at St. David’s. 

We are all sinners. And our church is a hospital for sinners. So, if you are looking for perfect people, search elsewhere. We forgive each other for our transgressions. We mourn together when one of us has problems or faces sad life changes such as death of a loved one or fear of one’s own death. But we rejoice when happy times come into someone’s life such as birth, marriage, and love of any kind. I believe that God brought us together to be there for each other. We are a family of families whether one person or a dozen. We must always reach out to each other to Seek and Serve as Jesus has taught us.

May the peace of God that passes all understanding be with us on this journey of life.

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