June 5 | Recycling Program Update

While many of us are limited in our travels, it may help to know that the world around us continues its cycle of growth and beauty. Our bees are thriving amidst the wildflowers at Barking Dog Ranch in Lockhart, and the gardens around St. David’s campus in downtown Austin are filled with beautiful native blooms!

However, while the church building is closed, St. David’s Environmental Guild has suspended its collection of recyclable items: batteries, corks, eyeglasses and cases, printer ink cartridges, pill bottles, pens and glue sticks, CDs and cases, small electronics. But if you’ve been busy cleaning out your closets while you’re home, hang onto these items for the time being.

Once the church’s re-opening task force determines that it is safe to restart our collection program, we will be happy to accept them again, and to continue reducing what goes into the landfill. Thank you for being mindful of protecting our precious Earth!

St. David’s Gardens Blooming

Photos by John Tochet, leader of the Garden Guild, June 2020

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