Experience Grace

Susan Driver
St. David’s Parishioner

St. David’s Church is in me … it’s in my brains, my heart, my hands, and my feet. It’s in every part of me. It’s even in my car. When I get in my car on Sunday mornings, I get a message about how long it will take me to drive to St. David’s. My car knows that’s where I go on Sunday mornings. 

As wonderful as the Zoom meetings and online streamings have been during the coronavirus outbreak, I miss being at St. David’s. I miss Juan’s warm welcome when I enter the church on Sunday mornings. I miss talking with Mary Ann and Todd and the other worshipers that sit near me during Sunday morning services. I miss the choir and beautiful music that so enhance our worship. I miss the cup of hot coffee and sitting next to old and new friends during Sunday morning formation classes. I miss the interesting conversations with Chris at the reception desk before Wednesday night dinners and Bible Studies. I miss Chef Ray and all the folks who serve at Café Divine. 

But this “missing” has an upside. St. David’s is still here. We will start coming together again. And we’ve never stopped being there for each other. I know I’m encountering Jesus in all of these experiences and in all of you. I praise God for his abundant love and blessings. Thanks be to God.

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