Be Authentic

We Weren’t Born Episcopals, But We Got Here As Fast As We Could!

Terri and John Orton,
St. David’s Parishioners

We are proud members of St. David’s for three-plus years now. We continue to be impressed by how many people we meet at St. David’s who are life-long Episcopalians, some even life-long members at St. David’s! We come from various church backgrounds ourselves which we are proud of, but none of those felt as perfectly matched to us as St. David’s.

So as relative newbies we still have that fresh Episcopalian smell about us – like a new car – and a fresh perspective on the many things that make St. David’s so great. In turn, we have helped advise prospective church members in Amy’s newcomer classes on our many church programs and offerings. Our menu is akin to a Cheesecake Factory menu – there are so many good options, you don’t know what to get!

In our case we have participated in New Members, Confirmation, Men’s Group, Movie Group, Ramp Builds, Service Days, Arbor Terrace, Stewardship, Ushering, Crossings, Finance Committee, and probably a few more that we are forgetting. The point is, there are many options for us all to participate.

And since we Episcopalians tend not to be evangelists, there are many opportunities to serve others who need a helping hand, as Jesus would have offered. We can all walk the walk that our Savior would have us walk through the many social outreach programs at St. David’s.

But the church doesn’t run on good intentions and good deeds alone. In order to further our mission of caring for each other, caring for others, and caring for our community, we need resources. Our Time and Talent are hugely valuable and needed! We also need Treasure as well to fund our Historic Church, our clergy, our staff, our programs, our community, and our future. Please support St. David’s financially as you are able. As Jesus said, “For Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Be Your Heart Also.”

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