Feb. 28-29 | In Common Workshop

A special event is coming to St. David’s on Feb. 28 – 29, sponsored by the Episcopal Health Foundation. It is called the In Common Program whose goal is to have parishes work together on key issues to improve our communities. St. David’s has been asked by the diocese to host the In Common workshops in Austin. Episcopalians from all over central Texas will be invited to attend this conference. It is like the In Common workshops at Good Shepherd last April where more than 100 of our fellow Episcopalians from Austin attended.

The keynote address on Friday night will show a documentary called Traces of the Trade. The subtitle is a Story from the Deep North. It is about a family from the Northeast that became wealthy in the 1700s by bringing African slaves to America. A family descendant named Katrina Browne directed and produced this documentary to tell the truth about her family and the Episcopal Church’s history in slavery. The Saturday agenda will include workshops on racial reconciliation, mental health, and faithful citizenship and the census. The workshops are paid for by EHF and free to everyone who attends. To learn more and register visit episcopalhealth.org/incommon2020.

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