Dec. 2019 Last-minute Christmas Gifts

Still looking for the perfect gift? Consider Simple Gifts of $10, $25, or $50 for local charities on your coworker, friend or family member’s behalf! Learn more about this year’s charities in the Simple Gifts brochure. Here is a list of charities:

Allies Against Slavery harnesses the power of technology, data, and partnerships to combat human trafficking and protect freedom and dignity.
$10 Gift: Provides training materials on human trafficking for a care worker
$25 Gift: One hour of development time improving our online human trafficking identification tool, Lighthouse.
$50 Gift: Empower one trafficking victim to find freedom through Lighthouse

The mission of Art From the Streets is to provide a safe and encouraging environment in which the positive spirit and creativity of homeless and at-risk people are nurtured through their own artistic expression. These artistic endeavors form a pathway to self-determination by means of the sense of achievement, social connections, and income generated through the pursuit of their art.
$10 Gift: Provides one tube of paint for Open Studio
$25 Gift: Provides one package of paintbrushes for Open Studio
$50 Gift: Provides a full selection of brushes/paints/paper for one artist for a month in Open Studio

Austin Clubhouse offers free services to adults living with mental illness. Members increase their quality of life and independence by engaging in meaningful work at the Clubhouse and receiving individual education, vocation and housing support.
$10 Gift: Provides a homemade meal on both Thanksgiving and Christmas for one member
$25 Gift: Pays for a job training certification with one-on-one vocation support
$50 Gift: Supports a holiday gathering to celebrate the season, reduce isolation and ensure everyone has a place to belong

Building early literacy in children and families through education, healthcare, and the community with a special focus on our Central Texas low-income families. With over 45 years of experience, BookSpring has provided a continuum of early literacy interventions and creative programming that support brain development, family interaction, skill building and a lifelong love of reading.
$10 Gift: Buys 4 new books for a child to choose and call their own
$25 Gift: Buys 10 new books
$50 Gift: Buys 20 new books to start a child’s home library

Casa Marianella welcomes displaced immigrants and promotes self-sufficiency by providing shelter and support services. Our ultimate vision is that all immigrants arriving in Austin will have safe housing and access to the services they need to be successful.
$10 Gift: Provides toiletries for families arriving at Casa with nothing
$25 Gift: Provides a winter jacket for a child at Posada Esperanza
$50 Gift: Provides furniture for a family moving into their own home

The Dewey Winburne Fund is parishioners helping other parishioners. Supported by donations from St. David’s members, funds are distributed by the clergy to our parishioners, as extraordinary needs arise.
$10 Gift: Provides pet food for a parishioner’s furry friends
$25 Gift: Provides medicine for a St. David’s parishioner who has lost health insurance
$50 Gift: Provides an HEB gift card for a St. David’s parishioner in need of groceries

Magdalene House of Austin is a two-year healing community for adult survivors of sex trafficking. Our program offers free housing, and intensive case management to connect survivors to healthcare services, counseling, education, and job training. Based on the highly successful Thistle Farms model begun by Episcopal priest, Becca Stevens, our mission is driven by the simple Thistle Farms philosophy that Love Heals.
$10 Gift: Provides a healing book to add to Magdalene House library
$25 Gift: Provides a Capital Metro bus card for one month for one survivor
$50 Gift: Provides groceries for one week for one survivor

Project Transitions is dedicated to serving people with HIV and AIDS by providing supportive living, housing and hospice in compassionate and caring environments.
$10 Gift: Provides funds for a resident outing, alleviating loneliness
$25 Gift: Provides breakfast and lunch for a day for five recuperative care and hospice clients
$50 Gift: Provides a week’s worth of medical supplies for five recuperative care and hospice clients

Saint Louise House provides housing and essential services in Austin to women with children who are experiencing homelessness. Our goal is for families to stay together and develop long-term stability and selfsufficiency. While living at Saint Louise House, women connect with on-site support and participate in case management with our licensed social workers to advance employability skills, financial competencies, health and education.
$10 Gift: Provides a welcome mat for a single mom’s new apartment
$25 Gift: Provides a week’s supply of diapers
$50 Gift: Provides a gift card for needed housewares

The Texas Ramp Project builds free wheelchair ramps in Austin for low-income older adults and people with disabilities who do not have safe access to their homes. The ramps are built exclusively by volunteers and provide safety, independence, and improved quality of life to the homebound.
$10 Gift: Furnishes hardware for construction of one ramp
$25 Gift: Provides lumber and plywood for 1 foot of ramp
$50 Gift: Buys a canopy to shield volunteer builders from the sun

Trinity Center serves the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Austin. Trinity operates a day-time community center in the basement of the church. We offer meals, limited financial assistance, case management and many other services. Not less important, we meet people with compassionate hearts and non-judgmental minds.
$10 Gift: Provides 8 one-day bus passes needed for city transportation
$25 Gift: Provides 2 vital documents (IDs or birth certificates) needed for housing/employment
$50 Gift: Provides 20 nutritious breakfasts for neighbors

Warm Heart International, Inc. is a non-profit organization bringing fresh water, orphan care, educational scholarships and pilgrimages to people in developing communities worldwide. Simple Gifts contributions will also support sustainable feeding programs.
$10 Gift: Provides seeds for community gardens
$25 Gift: Feeds a child a healthy breakfast for six months
$50 Gift: Supports sustainable feeding programs such as building chicken coops

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