Jan. 29 | Feast of Sam Shoemaker

7:30 p.m., Bethell Hall

The Rev. Sam Shoemaker

Each year, on Jan. 31, The Episcopal Church gives thanks for Sam Shoemaker’s life, work, and witness. But it is not alone—all in recovery owe him a debt of enduring gratitude.

Why do we celebrate and give thanks for Sam Shoemaker?

  • Referred to often as the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).
  • Played a key role in AA’s formation by nurturing AA in its infancy in his church while Rector of Calvary Episcopal Church, New York City, NY (1927-51).
  • Praised by Bill Wilson, AA’s New York founder, as the source and inspiration for most of the Steps and for his crucial role in shaping AA’s self-identity through them.
  • A confidante, counselor and spiritual adviser to early AA’ers like Bill Wilson, Ebby Thatcher, and Rowland Hazard.
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