Feb. 9,16, & 23 | A Study of The Course of Love

The Rev. Ron Smith
The Rev. Ron Smith

Leader: The Rev. Ron Smith
Dates: Sundays, February 9-23, 4:30-6 p.m., Crail C
Optional Book: The Course of Love, by Alain de Botton

Join us for this three-session exploration of what Alain is suggesting to us about how to be married or in any long-term romantic relationship. The British author Alain de Botton appears to believe that there is no problem of human life that cannot be cured or ameliorated through the application of philosophy. His latest book, The Course of Love, is a novel. In this narrative, the relationship of two people is traced from its romantic beginnings through the various changes that time and stress bring. Interspersed in the passages are philosophical reflections that highlight the ethical dimensions of relationships. Alain paints a target on our understandings of romantic love and disabuses the notion that romance is enough. Instead, sacrifice, disappointment, forgiveness, and virtuous character are what keep the two heroes of this tale together. Contact Director of Adult Formation Rebecca Hall for more information. Register today.

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