Sept. 25, 2019: Building Committee Update

Over the summer, the Building Committee issued a “request for qualifications” to potential project managers. After reviewing three bids and interviewing the respective candidates, the committee selected Square One as the project manager. Square One has a good reputation and had demonstrated experience working with historic structures.

We created an executive committee consisting of Jim Lamm, John Volz, Eric
Leibrock, and Allison Marshall who will meet with Square One every two weeks. The executive committee will work with Square One to select the project’s architect and general contractor and begin building a preliminary construction budget.

The first task of the design team is to prepare a Preservation Master Plan for our facilities. The design team should perform a comprehensive assessment of structural/systems/maintenance needs, prioritize and cost those needs, reconcile those needs with the priority checklist already provided by St. David’s, and make

recommendations for phased construction projects that meet current and anticipated funding capabilities. We expect that the planning phase of the renovation will take approximately a year, before visible work begins on our campus. Thank you for your generosity to God and to St. David’s.

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