Go and Do Likewise: Update and Donate

Greetings! So much has happened in the last few weeks getting the family settled there hasn’t been time for updates.  But, thanks to your generous donations this family of 8 is finally safe and settled in their new home and slowly adjusting to their new normal.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


We found the family an apartment with the help of three realtors who worked (basically for free) to help us find the apartment: Heidi Trevithick- JB Goodwin Realtors, Merrell, Anne Shearer, Realtor, and Lindsey Sullivan Keller.

Covenant Presbyterian’s Movin’ and Groovin’ project showed up with a trailer full of furniture!  They brought beds, a couch, lamps, and a kitchen table. This project is amazing.  If you ever have furniture to donate this is a good place!  The apartment is in much better condition than when they moved in.  In addition to the fresh paint and clean yard (thank you, volunteers!)


The five school-aged children are enrolled in school (another huge undertaking, and many, many thanks to the volunteers who helped this happen).  The littlest child will need to start daycare soon to make it possible for the parents to work outside of the home.


Another huge hurdle was finding an immigration attorney.  After much hard work, we found one (again, thanks to much, much effort on the part of a volunteer) who will take their case “low-bono”.


A volunteer has been working with the Yellow Bike Project to get the older kids bikes so they can do things like grocery shopping.  The project provides bikes, locks, and baskets. 

Volunteers Needed – Please contact Amy Moehnke, Project Manager,

Needs arise that are usually time-sensitive, and short-term.  For example, volunteers will be asked to research daycare facilities from a home computer (or a phone).

We need people with trucks to help transport donations.  Even though most things are moved in, there are still some outstanding furniture needs.

Donations Needed – Please contact Amy Moehnke, Project Manager,

Fundraising:Click here to make a donation.

Thanks to your generosity we have enough money for their monthly rent and food. We have a very generous donor who has offered to match new donations.  So, we will be starting a 2nd fundraising campaign in the next few weeks to raise enough money for the attorney and the daycare costs.  We will be asking you to share our campaign with people you know.  More on this in the next few weeks.

Again, many, many thanks to all of you for your generosity.  Without your financial donations and volunteer hours this family would not be safe and sound. 

Thanks for going and doing likewise,


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