July 11-28, 2019 | Pilgrimage to Malawi

Bishop Alinafe Kalemba, Linda Gebhard, the Rev. Chuck Treadwel, Christy Somerville, the Rev. Cameron Spoor, the Rev. Auster Kalilombe, Michael Portman, Rebecca Knowe

Did you know? 

Father Chuck led the fourth St. David’s Pilgrimage to Southern Malawi July 11-28 at the invitation of the Diocese of Southern Malawi. Delegates discovered why Malawi is known as “The Warm Heart of Africa” through activities, worship, ministry, and outreach. Delegates gained an understanding of religious and cultural history, experienced the natural beauty of Malawi, and got to know those who call Malawi their home. Delegates also helped in the healing and repair processes as a result of a devastating cyclone and subsequent flooding. Thank you to our volunteers who offer their talents to enrich our Adult Formation pilgrimages to various destinations as part of our adult education offerings.

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