December 9

Luke 12:35-40, Expectbritton

By Britton Gregory

You’re asleep.

No, no — I hear you! “Asleep? Who has time to sleep? I’ve got to go to work, to the gym, to soccer practice, to my side gig, to church, to date night (I’m so busy, I have to *schedule* my fun, ugh)! I’m the opposite of asleep!”

But that’s exactly what I mean. All that stuff that consumes our lives, all the running around — that’s only part of Life. There’s a wider world that we’re simply unconscious to. In a weird and paradoxical way, the busyness of life lulls us to sleep, keeping us unaware of the larger reality of the Kingdom of God.

Ever wonder why God is a “still, small voice”? How does that work, if God is All-powerful, Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth? Well, part of the answer is that we’re asleep. God is speaking, constantly, with a voice like a hurricane or a thousand echoing trumpets, but that voice only rarely breaks through into our world, like a whisper that’s gone before we notice it, or a flicker at the edge of our vision.

So how do we open our eyes and ears to the Kingdom? How do we wake and keep watch? Here are three steps that might work for you:

One, slow down. Take one thing off your calendar. I hear your cry: “But no — I really *should* do that!” If it’s keeping us from God, then no, we really shouldn’t — no matter what the neighbors might think.

Two, take some of your newly-found time to meditate. (You’re doing this right now, which is great!) You can meditate on a line of Scripture, or a line from another book, or a recent event, or an idea, or just an image that flashed in your head. Don’t try to analyze it. Just enter into it, let it rattle around in your head. See where it takes you.

Three, watch and listen. God is speaking all the time, through our children, our spouses, our friends, our colleagues, through sunsets, flowers, birth, death, traffic. Now that you’ve slowed down, you can be mindful toward what’s going on around you, rather than worrying about what might happen next.

Ready? God is speaking, right now, if you’re awake to hear, with a still, small voice that is shaking the foundations of the earth.


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