December 4

Psalm 5:1-8, Expect

By Joe Sanchez

When I read this psalm, I am reminded that I had to first truly open my heart to prayer. I would come to the Lord with a need or a request that would distract from His presence. I would be repeating words, hoping He would hear me, and I would not consciously focus on His presence. Since then, I’ve learned that every time I come before Him in prayer, I must open myself up to be heard and truly feel His word and that I will be heard.

David comes before God asking to be heard, over and over asking to be heard. I believe he does this to block all thoughts out of his mind. It is hard at times to just listen, to let God speak to us.

As I read this psalm, I am reminded that David, pleading to the Lord for his assistance, was begging to be heard. He is turning to a God that he trusts and in whose hands he has put his life over and over again. He pleads for a better life for him and his people. To me, the birth of the Word made flesh is that answer to us, the guidance that we seek through prayer. I prepare myself for the Word that comes to us at Christmas through prayer and meditation during Advent.

Advent is a surprise! God has chosen to come to us, to show that He has heard us, deciding to answer the pleas of His people in an unexpected way. He comes in a womb of the most Blessed; He comes to us as one of us. During Advent, we need to open our hearts and hear His word and see the love of God in each of us, from our homeless neighbors to our brothers who are still searching for our Lord’s love.

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