December 24

John 1:3-9, LightChad_McCall-3

By The Rev. Chad McCall

My son turned 11 recently, and the morning of his birthday he became somewhat obsessed with knowing the exact time he was born. He wanted to be able to mark the occasion with celebration and know the precise second that he would grow one year older.  There almost seemed to be a sense of worry that he might  “miss” the opportunity. You could tell that he had been anticipating this moment for weeks/months during the build-up to his birthday, and now that the day had arrived, he wanted to be prepared.

I think that we find so much joy in celebrating a child’s birthday because it is a chance to remind the child how much they are loved, and because it marks how the arrival of a child forever changes how we live and move through the world. The moment that a little life enters our world, we are forever changed. We assume responsibility for loving, caring for, and raising this new life, and it affects all of our relationships and how we view the world. When we celebrate a child’s birthday, we are also marking the day that our own life was changed.

During Advent, we prepare to celebrate the arrival of the light of the world, the light of all people that came to shine in the darkness. This child of light came to the world to change how we live, how we love, and how we see God and each other. The day this light arrived, our lives were forever changed.

We are God’s beloved children, and this season serves as a reminder that we are loved and celebrated; a reminder that this light lives in us and in everyone that we encounter. To be a child of the light means not only that we remember that the light lives in us, we must also be able to see the light in those around us. During Advent, we prepare to mark the moment that our lives were forever changed. We celebrate the arrival of the light of the world, the light that lives in us and that changes how we love and see the world around us. Look for and celebrate the light that surrounds you this season, prepare to celebrate the moment your life was forever changed.

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