December 21

Psalm 36: 5-9, Lightbeth-hudson

By Beth Hudson

There’s a wideness in God’s Mercy, like the wideness of the sea…

The words of this beloved hymn are an interpretation of these verses from Psalm 36 that so splendidly describe God’s love and light to be greater than all creation. From the depths of the sea to the highest clouds in the sky, more infinite than our humanity can comprehend, God’s love and faithfulness are steadfast and strong. I love the connection of a Creator’s sustaining faithfulness to the beauty and breadth of creation, as it is indeed in nature that I unfailingly feel a most tender and loving kindness from God.

We are all imperfect beings, each of us inclined to flatter ourselves and unable to recognize our own sins, just as the first verses of Psalm 36 portray us. But it is these final verses of the Psalm that bring hope and joy, the recognition that despite our faults, God’s shining light is as mighty and steadfast as the mountains.

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