December 14

Isaiah 42:1-4, Hopejudith

By Judith Cayton

The passage in Isaiah expresses the hope of Israel for “justice” while waiting for the one who will bring it – the Messiah. Waiting with hope is the undercurrent of the Advent season.

As I write this a week before the election, I cannot help but draw parallels between the wait we are experiencing now and the wait of Advent.  Whichever candidates we are backing, we are waiting with hope for justice.  The act of voting is an act of hope and that is precisely why low voter participation is so troubling, we know it is a sign that people are feeling hopeless.  To vote is to believe that individually we can make a difference, there can be change.   As a country, in our communities, we vote to make things better, to right wrongs and find solutions to our problems.

 Sometimes, like this year, it seems as if fear takes over and there are pronouncements of gloom and doom and bleak scenarios drawn if the “other” wins.

Hope is razor thin with desperation laying just below the surface.

By the time you read this the election will be over and you may be ecstatic with hope or sunk in feelings of despair and even anger.

The good news is that a different kind of Messiah is coming! As faithful people, we put aside our fear as we wait for “justice” which will come from one who will not “use loud voices in the streets” or break so much as a bruised reed.  What a relief!  This Messiah will bring justice through his teachings!  As a former educator, this is dear to my heart and soul.  We can wait with joy because our Messiah because his justice comes from love.  Trusting that love is our hope and the very foundation of our faith.

So do not despair, no matter the winner or the loser. Advent promises us our Messiah, Christ, who loves us so completely we are never left alone in pain and crisis. We can look forward with hope to a new life in Christ.


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