December 10

Luke 1:26-38, Expecthaley

By Haley Peck

As a mother, myself, I love to think of moments in Christ’s life through Mary’s perspective. I see Mary as one of the best role models of what it means to be a child of God and to parent a child of God.

In this moment when Mary is told she will become pregnant, I can imagine the confusion and fear that must have flooded her mind.  The thought of being a young woman, a virgin, who is not yet married having to explain to her future husband that she will conceive a child before they marry and he will be the Son of God and that this is all okay and all part of God’s plan; it seems like a difficult conversation, at best. If I were in Mary’s place I would be terrified that Joseph would break off the engagement and that the community would abandon me.  I’m sure Mary had those thoughts; after all, she was human. But Mary did not let fear of the unknown cloud her faith and trust in God.

Mary set aside whatever plans she may have had for her own life to raise a child that she may or may not have been prepared for and says, “Here am I, the servant of the Lord…” At times when I feel that “still, small voice” prompting me in a direction where the path is unclear and confusing, and the outcome is unknown, I like to think of Mary’s courage and faith in this moment and pray for her support to help me to be a servant of the Lord as she was.

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