November 29

Malachi 3:1-4, Preparepam

By Pam O’Conner

The promise of the coming of the Messiah is a message of hope and faith as well as fear and judgment. Hope and faith that we grasp as we struggle with the ups and downs, temptations and rewards, anger and love, illness and death in everyday life and fear that we will be judged that we didn’t do it well.

The forerunner in this passage is John the Baptist that comes before to prepare for the arrival of the Messiah. To me, the forerunner that comes to prepare and sustain is our clergy and teachers.  They teach me and call me to task as well as support me in preparing for the Messiah by living in and through the ways of the Lord. They preach, interpret, share, accept and love, and encourage us to do the same for others as Christ did while we take our journey through life and wait.

Lord, guide the “forerunner” in my life and myself as I crawl through my journey of faith and life and prepare for your return. Give me the wisdom to open my eyes, my ears to listen, and close my mouth so that I may receive the message instruction, and support to represent You as I live my life. Help me to pray and study with an open heart and mind. Fill me with love, compassion, and patience. Calm my fear and anxiety. I pray these things as I continue to prepare to meet You in many places.

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