November 28

Isaiah 57:14-15, Preparerick-from-cc

By Rick Patrick

How are we to talk to God, when we are so aware of our weak and sinful condition compared with God’s righteousness  and majesty?  I think that most of us have a hard time reconciling the image of the God who created the world in six days with the God who will draw near and listen when we are in need.  After all how many human beings with great power and prestige would give us the time of day, much less tend our broken hearts and afflictions. Surely, the high and mighty has more important matters to attend to.

God does have pretty important matters to attend to, but somehow with all the distractions the universe and all of creation must offer, he is waiting for us to come to him.  So what keeps us from taking him up on his loving kindness?

I think it’s because we’re not prepared.  We’re not in the right place to receive God’s blessing and love.  We’re stuck in our rut of thinking we should be able to deal with things ourselves, that we deserve the problems and heartaches that come our way.  We create obstructions, stumbling blocks, in the way of God’s mercy.

Isaiah said that, yes God lives in heaven, on high, in majesty.  But also that God lives with and wishes to heal all who are contrite and humble in spirit.  The proof was made manifest in the incarnation, in the one who came and showed us what being humble in spirit looked like.  Jesus came to help us see that God can be not only high and mighty, but can live right here with us and be present to listen to our needs and cares.  All we are required to do is be prepared to accept the love and blessing freely given.  We have to remove the obstacles and stumbling blocks in our hearts and in our lives to make room for the peace and love God so desires us to have. The tools for cleaning house and making room are contrition and humility.  Advent is a wonderful time for that kind of preparation.

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