December 1

Luke 1:67-79, PrepareGustavo Hernandez

By Gustavo Hernandez

Blessed be the Lord God of our home, our land, and everywhere the sunlight touches, of everything that is revealed and that which is yet to be found, for she has embraced us with love and redeemed us.

In her infinite mercy she gave us the word incarnate to teach us the practice of deeper love and forgiveness.

So that we may also be instruments of God’s mercy in the same way we have been witness and recipients of her love.

In joy and suffering she keeps her promise of mercy. She has set the path for us to meet in these words- and together answer her calling to care for her beloved.

And you my dear – how would you meet the day when the morning sun knocks on your door and asks:

Are you ready to serve her creation?

When over and over you get knocked off of the tight rope of life – how quickly would you return and recognize the divine in you and others?

Are you ready for life?

In silent prayer she sings a loving melody to your heart, kindling the fire of what is possible.

Her words reveal the path, in her faithfulness find the courage to take it.

She is seeking you, beloved. Shine the tiniest of lights. She’ll find you. She’s waiting.

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