Thankfulness in Mission

By Winn Philpott 

In the weeks leading up to the Missionpalooza trip, I was not very excited. I didn’t really know anyone who was going, and honestly, as much as I love doing service, spending 5+ hours in the hot, Texas sun every day didn’t sound ideal.Winn P- cropped

We got in the van, drove to San Marcos, checked in, and set up our air mattresses and sleeping mats along the gym floor. After dinner, announcements, and worship, we were split into our work groups. I had originally thought that we would be working with our church groups, but I ended up working with people from Galveston, Houston, and Beaumont.

The transition to waking up at 6:15 a.m. was tough. Each morning everyone was just stumbling around until they could get coffee or tea at breakfast. After a hectic first morning of trying to find a cooler for lunches and finding everyone, my work group, “The Scribes”, piled into a van and headed for Seguin to move nearly everything out of a house that had been affected by both the floods and tornadoes in October. We worked there about two and a half days, until there was nothing much more that we could do, then headed over to another work site for the remaining two days.

Seeing people come from all across Texas, some driving for four hours, to spend a week helping those in need really struck a chord in me. About 180 people from our diocese came to help and care for complete strangers, which really shows that there will always be someone who cares for you, even if you don’t see it then.

It was truly a great week, and will be one I will always remember. I will remember all the kind people I met there, all the great work we did there, both spiritually and physically, and I will remember to stay grateful for what I have every day, since we never know when all of that might be taken away.

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