Every Pledge Makes a Difference

Anthony Chapple, Junior WardenAs told by Anthony Chapple

This Sunday is the perfect Sunday for me to share with you the reason I make an annual pledge to St. David’s. It is really very simple: I love this place!

In the most cosmic alignment of church duties, last Sunday I found myself working with the rector search committee, ushering the Lessons and Carols service, actually reading one of the Lessons, and making an announcement as a member of the vestry on the status of the current pledge effort. Oh, and I wrote this. How lucky can one guy be? To be able to do good things for someone I love, is a blessing for which I am forever thankful.

I love this church and the body of Christ we form as members of His church. We are a beautiful diverse people of varying ages, genders, races, physical abilities, political affiliations, economic status, relationships and so much more. We’re all of this and we meet regularly on this campus to worship the God who made us, celebrate the Christ who saves us and experience the Holy Spirit who strengthens us. We do this as one body united.

Two weeks ago, I called some of you in the parish to personally say “thank you” for having turned in your pledge. All of you expressed appreciation for the call and some of you said, “I only wish I could give more.” You gave what you can and, believe me, it makes a difference. Thank you.

If you have not yet read the parish profile, I encourage you to go on-line and read it. If you have read the profile, you know that we do a lot of good things for people outside the walls of this building: prayer and Eucharist services for our homeless neighbors, in-home communion for members unable to be here physically, the smiles and laughter of youth extending helping hands to people we’ve never met, laundry love, bed-time story brigades and, again, so much more.

I don’t think that any of us could pay for all of this to happen by ourselves. But when your pledge is put with my pledge and my pledge is put with someone else’s pledge and each pledge received is added to those, look at what we are able to do to spread the Good News — and when necessary, we will even use words.

If you have not yet turned in a pledge card, I invite and encourage you to do so. Every pledge makes a difference. Know that yours will, too.

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