What if Everyone Pledges?

As told by Beth MonsonMonson Family

We pledge because pledging is the right thing to do. We pledge because when we come in summer, the air conditioning offers relief from the heat outside. Someone has to pay the electric bill. In winter, we are cozy warm inside, because the heat is running. Someone has to pay for that, too. We flush toilets in this building and drink from its water fountains. The water bill must be paid. The lights run on electricity that isn’t free. And so we pledge.

We pledge because my high school band director, Mr. K, said there were only two rules, and I took him seriously. The first: When you’re considering an action, ask yourself, “What if everyone took this action?” Using his logic, “What if I don’t pledge?” becomes, “What if no one pledges?” There would be no St. David’s, no more worshiping beneath the old stained glass windows in the historic sanctuary, no more choir rehearsal in Bethell Hall, no more doughnuts in Sumner’s. The second: “Would Mr. K approve?” And so we pledge.

We pledge because our clergy and staff are important to us, and our pledge pays their wages. Claire and Mary and Suzette are teaching our very loud boy to sing sweetly in the Cherub choir. Jeanie and Katie see to it that we know what’s happening around the campus every week with Looking Ahead. (It doesn’t write, print, or fold itself.) We pledge because Jimmy and Josh can fix anything around here. We pledge because our priests and preachers deliver sermons that help us live better, and they must feed and shelter their families. We pledge because Peter at the front desk (Mr. Peter, to the kids) welcomes every person who graces the doorway of our church.

We pledge for the same reason we pick up litter in the parking lot and welcome people we see holding red folders and looking lost in Sumners. We pledge because this is our church home.

We pledge because our faithfulness tells the diocese – and candidates for the job of our next rector – that we are an engaged, faithful, active community.

We hope to pledge more each year. So far, we have been successful. We recognize that someday we might face hardship – we might lose an income, gain medical bills, lose everything in a natural disaster. If any of that happens, God help us, we might pledge far less, but we will pledge.

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