Pledging as a New Step in Faith

As told by Vicki Knippimage2

In the early 80’s, I decided that I wanted my children baptized; I can’t tell you why – I just did. I walked to the closest church to my house in McAllen, Texas, and talked to the minister, a young man named Rayford High (who would go on to become Bishop of this Diocese). He assisted in setting up a private Saturday morning baptism and my association with the Episcopal Church began. I became an Episcopalian not so much by choice, but more by convenience.

Organized religion was new to me and when it was implied that people gave money I was a bit surprised and scared. I was a young teacher with two small children and I wanted to be a good example for them. My first thought was that I could give $30 a month (as I usually had $50 left at the end of the month). I kept going over what I should pledge in my head. Eventually, it occurred to me that I sent cable TV $50 a month. Surely, I should set my priorities so that my new church, and my new faith, would mean more to me than cable TV! I did not have the faith to tithe the 10% they talked about, but I made a promise to myself that I would increase my pledge each year; working towards that goal.

Those of us who have pledged to a church for some time need to remember that for many folks this is a new concept; a new step in faith. To those of you who may be new “givers,” I encourage you to take that first step in faith; show yourself and your family that what goes on at St. David’s is a priority in your life. That you want to put the personal resources that God has loaned you to good and enduring use.

I have now been a pledging Episcopalian for 33 years. God led me to my church home and has blessed me so many ways. I now know that it was no accident that I walked into an Episcopal Church. This is where I fit, and this is where I belong.

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